A film about DOOM

While I was working my TV production internship at Ogilvy, my mentor assigned me to make a documentary using found footage, in order to practice proficiency with Adobe Premier, and exercise storytelling techniques. I made a film about one of the most creative rappers I know, MF DOOM focusing on the history of his most distinct feature (besides his internal rhymes); his mask.


Given that MF DOOM’s rap career began in 1991, much of the footage I gathered was low resolution and desaturated. In order to compliment those qualities, as well as the need for subtitles, I chose not to stretch the footage full screen.

A theme throughout the film is the idea of “Blowing up,” and to represent that I used the footage of the Challenger explosion. After showing that to my parents, I realized that Challenger was a tragedy, felt at the time to the proportions of 9/11. I apologize for including such a heavy burden being in a film about a rapper, and am upset that I did not consider such a mistake (I knew that the Challenger explosion was a tragedy, but I wanted to reflect the darkness that MF DOOM carries with him from the death of his brother, manifested in the mask, but I was not aware of what Challenger meant in 1989). Because of that, I have only made this film public on youtube today. I hope the DOOM fans enjoy it.