“Poorboy” release party lookbook


Medhane is a guy I know from school who makes music. More specifically he raps, and his collaboration with producer Slauson Malone- titled Medslaus- has made some waves in the past year since they put out their first full length album, Greys in Yellow, in 2015. In June of 2016 Mass Appeal, a well known hip-hop website, put out a Medslaus video on youtube. Approaching the release of their second project, Poorboy, another established hip-hop publication, the Fader, premiered their single, and both Fader and Mass Appeal both published interviews with the group.

A week before the release date, they held an album release party in a Manhattan skate shop. I rushed my family home from a cousin’s graduation in Ithaca so that I could hop on the train and make it to the event an hour late. I got there and was greeted by Medhane, and found some 40 people packed into a small storefront, all bumping to some music that was blasting out of a set of speakers in the from of the shop. Medhane was rapping over somme verses. Excited, proud energy. After we played through the album once everyone went outside and hung out on the sidewalks. I started snapping some pictures of the crowd.