Ayyo, its summer, I got out of school a few weeks back. Freshman year complete, I feel proud.

I’ve been having sim fun collaging with paper the magazines laying around my house. This endeavour was inspired by Dewey Saunders, the cover artist of my favourite hip hop musician, but it has quickly become an exercise that is almost therapeutic. In contrast to the way I have been working at school, where I am assigned a set of constraints- outlining a relative form- I am simply working until contentment. There is always another photo on another page that could work with the composition just as well, but I am making for the enjoyment of making.

Here is the first one I finished, I call it “Gucci’s new groove,” (that was the tagline on the ad and I thought it had a ring to it). 

I didn’t make this piece around the Gucci models, they were actually the final addition. I found beautiful visual flow between the photographers and a blue school of fish from National Geographic. The red inside flap of Time Magazine worked with the buzzing photographers as an abstracted red carpet to suggest sensationalism. From there it was simple math to develop this primary color scheme, as the yellow border of National Geographic’s cover was of a similar value and saturation.


 This piece began when I saw chemistry between a photo of the rap group, Migos, in Billboard, and a photo of photographers at the Grammy’s, and as it developed around the mass of cameras I kept on trying to fit in the portrait of the Atlanta rap trio, but it never worked with the composition. The process photo on the left could have housed the photo, but the color scheme was leading me in a new direction. Once I made the above color scheme, I wondered, maybe the rappers weren’t so integral. I flipped through the NYT style magazine, and saw this Gucci advert. The group of the models fit the 9″ by 9″ composition perfectly when I placed it on there, and when I slipped the three models behind the paparazzi, keeping the two leftmost models in foreground I knew it was complete. It was not a complete 180, but rather a pivot on the luxury expressed by Migos, who are known for a song about Versace, to the luxury evoked by Gucci. I texted a photo of it to my friend who also collages, and he quickly replied “Genius!”