Carhartt Jackets- Glorifying Blue Collar Jobs

Most of the interactions in our society have been designed so that we are not bothered, or burdened, by the histories of our artifacts, and certainly not the everyday people who composed those histories. This project, in which I the photograph people working blue collar jobs, tries jab at that structure.

This is Jake, he was wearing the exact Carhartt jacket I was thinking of. He was too cool to care about being photographed, and his dismissiveness  really contributes to how well his coolness manifested in these photos.


This was Van. He was really into me photographing him, and even hit a few poses. It was his birthday, and though he had off he was working because a co-worker’ family member had passed away. Nice guy.

Thats Moe in the blue and yellow jacket. I met him at Paul Lumber, and when he heard I was a design major he insisted I swing by and check out the house he was working on. I got in his pickup, and headed over to the Hill District with him and his wife. His carpenter, Mike, was busy working when we arrived.